ppSD2 Has Been Discontinued

Dear Visitor,

Today is a bittersweet day for Ascad Networks. ppSD2, our "flagship" software since 2008, has been discontinued. In its place, we are happy to introduce Zenbership Membership Software, a more advanced and more modern solution for small business and small organizations.

Why Has ppSD2 Been Discontinued?

ppSD2 was built in 2008 on a foundation of PHP 4.0. At the time, the software used the cutting-edge for PHP development, however over time, PHP evolved and new practices were introduced. The biggest shift came in 2009 when PHP 5.3 was released. This version of PHP deprecated a number of key functions that ppSD2 utilized. It took some time for PHP 5.3 to become the standard on web servers, however that time has essentially come, and our efforts to adapt to these required changes as not been as successful as we had hoped.

In May of 2013, we committed to upgrading ppSD2 to work with the new age of PHP. We released several updates during this time, all of which were designed to improve the software, bringing it inline with the changes made in PHP 5.3. However, much to our dismay, the task proved too complex. Due to the programming style used in ppSD2, a transition simply wasn't feasible.

As a result, we have been forced to discontinue ppSD2 and instead look to the future.

Moving Forward

With ppSD2 no longer available, we are happy to introduce Zenbership Membership Software. Zenbership does most of what ppSD2 did, however the code, features, and execution of the features has been greatly improved and modernized. We invite you to explore Zenbership in more detail by reading through the list of features built into the program.

What does this mean for existing customers?

Existing customers of ppSD2 need not worry: we will continue to support the program for the duration of your support contract. However, the bad news is that upgrades will stop immediately. The only updates that we will be releasing are critical security patches, should such patches be required.

We understand that this isn't ideal for everyone, which is why we are still honoring existing ppSD2 support contracts. It should be pointed out however, that being discontinued, we cannot guarantee that all issues can be resolved through standard support.

Programming is a constantly evolving world, and as a result of this rapid progress, old software rarely makes it as long as ppSD2 did. We are proud of ppSD2's track record and hope that you will join us moving forward with Zenbership!

The ppSD2 documentation is still available online by clicking here.

Transitioning to Zenbership from ppSD2

Existing customers are invited to consider a transition from ppSD2 to Zenbership. The transition would put the rich feature-set of Zenbership directly at your disposal. If you are interested in such a transition, please contact us for details. There are some key differences between ppSD2 and Zenbership, therefore it is vital that you understand these before making the transition.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns or questions.

Thank you,
Jon Belelieu
Lead Developer and Owner
Ascad Networks