Membership Management

Seamlessly manage members, customize your database, provide a self-service portal, and automate enrollment.

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"Hands-Free" Management

Automate online registrations, payments, renewals, invoices, account updates, lost password recovery, event planning and reminders, and e-mail campaigns. Set it and forget it!

Automated Due Collection

Membership dues can easily be collected online through the Zenbership subscription system. Custom settings allow you to pro-rate membership terms, renewal lengths, and renewal costs, as well as create penalties for late payments.

Content Security

Create, secure, and sell access to any content on your website, whether it be a page, directory, or a physical file. Sell access to content as part of a package or individually.

Member Self-Service Portal

Allow members to log into a customizable self-service portal from which they can track and update their membership, including updating data, view announcements, access secure content, managing subscriptions, invoices, and event registrations, and more.

Zenbership Member Dashboard

Custom Reports

Zenbership allows you to create custom reports using any field in the database, including custom fields. This information also becomes searchable through a highly-flexible criteria system.

Member Directory

The member directory plugin allows you to easily create a public-facing directory of your members. The plugin-based nature of this feature allows you to customize it to fit your organization's needs.

Data Security

Any data stored in the database can secured and encrypted, and even kept off-limits to specific employees. For extra sensitive data, high-level encryption is available with the click of a button.

Password Sharing Prevention

The program features both password sharing detection and a concurrent login prevention tools to make sure that only paying members are accessing "Member's Only" content.

Custom Database

Customize the fields that will be included in your membership database, allowing for endless flexibility in collecting information from your members.